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Updated June 22, 2005

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Hello there! I am one of many writing team organizers of CabalArticles, a global web content writing group. We all write articles in Spanish and English for world wide online audiences, and are at your disposal for blog post production for your site. Listed below you may read my resume, and you'll be able to see other writing team organizers and team members' CV's on this web-site. At the end of my resume, you will notice some samples of our published works. For job enquiries, you should reach us with the form on this webpage and one of us will respond as soon as possible.

Curriculum Vitae
Jaime F. Garcia
3604 Spadafore Drive
Erie, PA

Graduated With Special Honors from Dartmouth College
10 years of composing experience (expressly for Internet audiences)
Great fluency in English and Spanish
Committed, business-oriented worker with a aptitude for details

Work Expertise
CabalArticles, New York City, NY
2001 - Present
Crew Leader
Accountable for coordinating a international crew of internet writers to suit a demanding set of production aims.
- Set records for output, boosting productivity by 20% internationally
- Accurately kept continuous logs of job distribution
- Maintained QA for world wide output over a large crew of internet writers

Additional Abilities

Fluent in English and Spanish
Superior competence with a wide choice of office software

Examples of Published Works

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