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Mansassas Campus Exam given on July 10, 2003

The following individuals have passed AUT-225 by completing course requirements and scoring at least an 80% or better on the final exam. If your name doesn't appear here, that means that you didn't complete course requirements and/or scored lower than the required 80%.

Congratulations are in order for the individuals listed below:

Ali, Farhan A.
Ayers, Richard B.
Bataineh, Abdallah Z.
Beecher, Huntley H.
Brown, George E.
Brown, Robert W.
Buzon, Wilfredo B.
Cook, Terrance, Joseph
Coppock, William L.
Crane, Robert D.
Dolan, Terence J.
Elarbi, Mohamed B.
Folts, Bryan C.
Green, David L.
Gryczewski, Justin M.
Hashemi, Saeed R.
Huang, Yichun
James, Michael L.
Jenkins, Brian E.
Kassar, Samy A.
Knick, William A.
Massjouni, Mehran
McQueen, Leslie H.
Morshed, Syed G.
O'Callaghan, Malcolm
Schutt, George C.
Sullivan, Brian E.
Towns, Stephen B.
WiLes, James W.