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A Resource for Virginia Emissions Inspectors and Applicants

Exam Results


The following individuals passed the latest AUT-225 Emissions Inspector's exam given at the Alexandria and Manassas campuses of Northern Virginia Community College.  This list contains individuals who scored AT LEAST 80% and attended all required class sessions. 

If your name doesn't appear on the list, that would mean that you scored below 80% on the exam and/or missed one or more required class sessions.  You may enroll in the next available class section of AUT-225 to try again or enroll in AUT-215 for a more detailed introduction to emissions control systems functions and strategies that should assist you greatly in successfully completing AUT-225. 

Again, a job well done for the below students who successfully met course requirements!

Alexandria Campus Inspector Exam given on July 11, 2001:



Becker, Robert E.
Bohan, John M.
Gill, Sarabjeet S.
Ginoba, Victor
Hamilton, Franklin E.
Johnson, Paul
Martin, Michael
Parretti, Stephen
Riley, Patrick
Valle, Marvin H.


Manassas Campus Inspector Exam given on July 5, 2001:

Agyin, Samuel R.
Bean, Norman W.
Butt, M. Asghar
Chettle, Michael
Craun, Paul
Eager, John E.
Edwards, Todd
Fortney, David K.
Hamler, James R.
Hanback, H. Wayne
Hashemi, Seyed M.
Himes, James, E.
Hydrick, Claude


Khan, Hameed
Kochel, Donald W.
Leung, Wai Pui
Messenger, Calvin
Michalek, Frank C.
Mir, Alan
Morris, Phillip W.
Olbon, Ed
Ottey, Robert
Pritchett, Richard
Purvis, Tom
Russell, Shelby
Santamaria, Luis A.
Schrecongost, William


Smith, Aaron
Spiker, Jeremy
Thompson, Sherman
Van Camp, Paul
Welborn, Joseph
Wilmoth, Jeffrey R.
Winstanley, Donald